September 10, 2018

 École secondaire catholique Champlain (Chelmsford) is proud to have received official recognition by Microsoft as one of its Microsoft Showcase Schools for the 2018–2019 school year. ÉSC Champlain is the only school in Northern Ontario and one of the few French language schools in the province to have received this prestigious designation.

CHP Microsoft 1

Microsoft Showcase Schools are an international group of elite schools that are committed to planned transformation, whose vision includes the development of a modern teaching style and personalized learning. This approach ensures student well-being in an intelligent, accessible and flexible environment where the increased and innovative use of technology accelerates and amplifies the development of 21st century competencies.

CHP Microsoft 2

ÉSC Champlain implemented a wide range of initiatives over the last few years that led to the Microsoft designation. The school integrated a STEMA approach (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art) in its programming, and all teaching staff are grounded in a growth mentality confirmed by their Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator status, while the school’s Principal, Yves Laliberté, and Vice-Principal, Corinne Langevin, were also certified as Microsoft Innovative Education Experts.

CHP Microsoft 3

In addition, ÉSC Champlain converted its library to the digital age, transformed seven classrooms and laboratories to foster deep learning and set up a high capacity wireless Internet access point in all the classrooms. The school also maintains a 1-to-1 ratio ensuring there is a tablet or laptop computer available for every student and that students and teachers have access to Microsoft tools and resources to enhance the learning experience. The school is also committed to ensuring an inclusive and positive environment. Last May. ÉSC Champlain was presented a Premier’s Awards for Accepting Schools.

“Seeing our team’s efforts recognized by this respected multinational corporation is a great motivator for us. Our students and staff will be able to benefit from the many advantages that accompany this designation,” commented ÉSC Champlain Principal Yves Laliberté.

“The entire staff at ÉSC Champlain is dedicated heart and soul to the success of its students,” said CSCNO Director of Education Lyse-Anne Papineau. “It goes without saying that STEMA based learning is a real asset for our students.”

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