May 31, 2018

As part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of Francophone Catholic schools, Ontario’s eight French language Catholic school boards undertook a Provincial Recognition Tour last fall with the support of the Association franco-ontarienne des conseils scolaires catholiques (AFOCSC), to recognize the work and exceptional commitment of the members of their school communities. The tour made one last stop in Sudbury, timed to coincide with the annual AFOCSC Congress, where the work of an exceptional school board trustee was recognized.

On Friday, May 25, Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario (CSCNO) school board trustee and President André Bidal was honoured for his many contributions to French  language Catholic education over almost 40 years.

A Bidal rec 1

Mr. André Bidal has been a CSCNO board trustee since 2000. A five-time Vice-President, he also began his 5th mandate as CSCNO President in December, 2017. For more than 40 years, Mr. Bidal has tirelessly defended the interests of Franco-Ontarian parents. At the local level, he was chair of the Collège Notre-Dame (Sudbury) Catholic School Council and member of the Catholic parent-teacher association for 15 ans. On a provincial level, Mr. Bidal represented the CSCNO on Ontario’s “Parents partenaires en education” (parent partners in education) and served on the Board of Directors of the Association franco-ontarienne des conseils scolaires catholiques (AFOCSC).

A Bidal rec 2

“André Bidal is a strong defender of French language Catholic education,” stated AFOCSC president, Mr. Jean Lemay. “With André by its side, the Greater Sudbury region can feel lucky to count on a combative and righteous man of innovative ideas. I am thrilled that his work has been recognized provincially, because he amply deserves this distinction.”

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For her part, CSCNO Director of Education Ms. Lyse-Anne Papineau commented that “André Bidal’s dedication to ensuring the educational, political, economic and cultural vitality of our French language Catholic culture is undeniable, as is his attachment to the success of our students. The Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario offers its congratulations to André and wishes to thank him for his steadfast dedication to our students and families, and to the future of French Catholic schools in Ontario.”

The Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario offers a French Catholic Educational Program that is widely recognized for its excellence. The CSCNO provides a quality learning environment and academic program that runs from early childhood to adult education, with some 7,000 students enrolled in 27 elementary and 10 secondary schools.

Source: Brigitte Morin
External Relations Coordinator
Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario
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