École St-Étienne Lends a Helping Hand to École Carrefour du Savoir in Africa

November 2, 2017

The WE Committee at École St-Étienne (Dowling) has set an ambitious goal this year: raising no less than $5,500 to build a drinking water well at École Carrefour du Savoir in Togo, Africa. To reach this goal, the school has already started fundraising activities, with numerous other activities planned during the school year.

In order to lend their support to this cause, students from grades 5 to 8 in classes taught by Mr. Roger Laurin, Ms. Jamie Lachapelle and Mr. Kevin Jensen participated in a “Marathon de fierté” (pride marathon) that not only helped raise money for the cause but also benefited the community of Dowling. Students went door-to-door to raise funds then picked up garbage throughout the town to show the importance of taking care of the community. The “Marathon de fierté” allowed students to raise a total of $2,714, which is close to half of the amount required to build the well that will provide École Carrefour du Savoir students with clean drinking water. “I am so proud of all our St-Étienne students,” stated grades 6 and 7 teacher, Mr. Laurin.

The WE committee has several other activities planned during the year to make certain the goal will be reached. These include a bake sale, a Zumba evening and a candy-gram sale. Once the total amount has been raised, art teacher Mr. Ayao Agoboyon, who was born in Togo, will travel to his country of origin to present the donation to the school and personally ensure that the project comes to fruition.

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