Celebrating the inauguration of Collège Notre-Dame’s new school library for the digital age

May 2, 2017

With a sense of deep pride, students, staff and friends of Sudbury’s Collège Notre-Dame celebrated today the official inauguration of the school’s new library for the digital age. This project is part of the Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario’s plan to upgrade its school libraries, making them into across-the-board learning hubs. The transformation, which takes into account the realities of the new digital age, seeks to promote reading, reflection and collaboration in both a physical and a virtual learning environment.

The transformed library for the digital age will provide students of this secondary school with access to a space that is more in tune with the learning and labour market realities of the 21st-century. Through its flexible design concept, the recast library offers students peaceful areas for reading, areas focused on research as well as areas that foster both face-to-face and virtual collaboration. The new Collège Notre-Dame library for the digital age benefited from the support of the Sœurs de la Charité d’Ottawa Congregation that wished to contribute to the transformation and provide students and staff with a foundational space that both values knowledge and supports learning.

“Our new library will become a true learning hub, due to its design that simplifies the task of knowledge management and sharing,” explained Collège Notre-Dame Principal Johanne Chrétien.  “We gratefully thank the Sœurs de la Charité d’Ottawa who took pride in helping us fulfil our mandate of providing a quality French language Catholic education and believe in the importance offering students learning spaces that correspond to the realities of contemporary life.”

“The opening of this learning hub is another step the CSCNO’s plan to transform the libraries of its elementary and secondary schools,” stated CSCNO Director of Education Lyse-Anne Papineau. “This concept was always intended to mirror the new realities faced by our students by providing them with a flexible space that fosters active learning, and where they can work, cooperate and share. While the library will continue to provide students with access to printed books, we have a strong belief in the importance of also putting digital tools at their disposal and supporting their access to a wide variety of electronic resources.”

During the current school year, the CSCNO has integrated new learning areas into the following schools: ÉSC l’Horizon (Val Caron), ÉSC Champlain (Chelmsford), ÉS du Sacré-Cœur (Sudbury), ÉSC Jeunesse-Nord (Blind River), ÉSC Trillium (Chapleau) and St-Augustin (Garson). The following schools will benefit from the transformation in the 2017-2018 school year: St-Charles Borromée (St-Charles), St-Joseph (Sudbury), Saint-Joseph (Wawa) and Notre-Dame-du-Sault (Sault Ste. Marie).

The Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario offers a French Catholic Educational Program that is widely recognized for its excellence. The CSCNO provides a quality learning environment and academic program that runs from early childhood to adult education, with some 7,000 students enrolled in 27 elementary and 10 secondary schools.


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Director of Communications and External Relations
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